Carbon Counting Seminar - North Island Tour April 2024

March 13, 2024

This event is for architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, project managers, and TMCo clients. It is not for our engineering competitors.

Please join us for an essential seminar on carbon counting; the changes coming in 2025 will significantly impact you, are you ready?

The MBIE has introduced two significant programs that will affect houses, commercial, industrial, and government buildings: 'Whole-of-life embodied carbon' ad Transforming operational efficiency'. Both programs require significant reductions in carbon emissions and operational resources from 2025 to 2030.

To RSVP + for more information, please click on the link below. Feel free to forward this invite (just not to other engineers 😅)Cost: FREE

Christchurch, date and venue to be confirmed.

Wellington, Monday 29 April 2024 1:30pm RSVP by clicking this link:

Tauranga, Tuesday 30 April 2024 3pm RSVP by clicking this link:

Auckland Option 1, Wednesday 1st May 2024 3pm RSVP by clicking this link:

Auckland Option 2, Thursday 2nd May 2024 3pm RSVP by clicking this link:

We’ll be covering:

→      How to comply with the upcoming code changes

→     What is carbon?

→     How to measure it

→     How to count it

→     How to determine carbon in materials

→     Actual example to demonstrate differences in construction with one of our senior structural engineers

        o  A basic concrete 3 storey commercial building, vs mass timber, vs steel.

        o  Sizes of different types of structures, carbon content, fire impacts.

        o  You’ll have an interactive task to solidify your understanding.

→     Mass timber and fire impacts

→     Concrete alternatives, what’s available now and in the near future

→     Some real-life examples of buildings TMCo have completed and what the implications are on carbon and capital cost of different structural systems “what if this building had been mass timber instead of steel” etc

→     Reducing operational carbon (making things more efficient, alternative products, low hanging fruit to complex energy modelling)

→     How to design with sustainability in mind

→     NABERSNZ, H1, Home Star, Green Star

→     Plenty of real-life examples

This seminar will be full of usable information that will help you be carbon-ready for these mandatory consent changes.

We’ve run similar courses throughout NZ with more than 2,000 attending – the feedback has been that the courses are excellent, easy to understand, valuable and most of all…fun.

We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be an informing and enjoyable event.

This complimentary, interactive, and highly informative seminar will also be an excellent networking opportunity, as we bring together industry leaders to discuss and agree the best way to prepare for this new legislation.

Drinks and nibbles provided

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