Ravensdown Roading Reinforcements



TMCo are the engineers engaged to provide ongoing engineering consultancy services for one of Ravensdown’s largest commercial sites in Christchurch.

Most recently, our civil engineering team was involved in resurfacing the internal roads.

During the peak agricultural season, this site experiences one of the heaviest traffic loads in the country. High performance and low maintenance of the pavement on site is critical.

Rather than having to extensively excavate the existing pavements and the underlying base layers, a composite reinforcing geogrid (HaTelit C by Cirtex) was used which minimised the amount of spoil for disposal.

Once the existing pavement surface is primed, the grid can be placed directly under the new layer of conventional asphalt.

The construction went smoothly and had been completed within budget and in a tight construction program.

Check out the final images of before and after! Impressive huh!?






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