FSSI Pak’nSave Northlands




TMCo have been engaged as seismic engineers for non-structural elements for this new project.

The 6,900 square metre supermarket – planned to replace a Pak'nSave branch at nearby Northlands Mall which will eventually close – also doubles as a disaster response centre.

It will have 278 outside and basement parking spaces and a self-service petrol station with eight pumps.

"Foodstuffs consider the New World brand to be a better fit with Northlands than Pak'nSave, because the former tends to attract visitors that are more likely to undertake cross-shopping with other mall stores,".

This supermarket is “services heavy” and requires much coordination by TMCO’s seismic engineers to make sure everything that hangs, is fully supported. Key to the success of this is ensuring that the seismic solutions are cost-effective and that means tying together multiple services (electrical and HVAC for instance) in a single brace element.

This saves time and cost on site but requires the highest levels of construction understanding and coordination during design – a service that TMCo are known for.







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